Overview of Selected Blogs

Online learning has become more popular and the acceptable means of study by most professionals and parents who cannot find the time to sit in the traditional face to face classrooms.

In completing this course I have selected three blogs which i believe will provide me with current and interesting information on the latest technology, theorist and scientist who provides professional research and opinion which allows readers to stay current the latest development in the online learning and the field of technology.

I have selected Voices of Global Online Academy, this blog provides instruction which allows students to know and understand the field of technology and how it affects this generation of students who relies on technology. This blog uses video and articles to educate readers on the latest technologies.

The second blog I selected is, Technology in Education- Empowering Learners. This blog is interesting as it focuses on education and different learning theorist. In this blog educated, well researched individuals post discussing the Learning Theories and the persons who contributed. They rely on detailed research and videos to educate and inform the subscribers.

My third and final Instructional Design Blog is ; Educational Technology and Change ETC. This Journal focuses on technology and how it benefits the online schools and society. A team of contributes have separate columns which all speak on different aspect of the field of technology. The researchers and contributors focus on things such as comparing the qualities of online learning with face to face teaching.

Below are links that will allow you to view the blogs above and read, research and educate yourselves on the different insightful information which they provide.

Blog Links







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