Resources for Brain & Learning, Information Processing Theories, and Problem-solving Methods During the Learning Process

This week in class I learned a lot on how the brain works and how it processes new information as well as to pull from information that exist in the schema. I have selected this web entry from the Simply Psychology web site called ‘Information Processing,’ this web entry was written by Sail McLeod and was published in 2008. In this article the main focus was comparing the human brain to a computer. The write of the article suggested that our brains are much like computers where information is taken and stored in the long term memory and then reproduced when the time is right. The brain works much like a computer as too much unnecessary information will result in brain overload. I found the contents of this posting to be very informative and will be great for others to read and learn the way our brain functions and stores information.

The link to the website can be found below.


Topic: How your Brain Works

The link above was created by Craig Freudenrich and Robynne Boyd. It explains how the brain works I found this website to be very informative as it allows us to understand in simple terms how we are able to function in dangerous situations. This site also explains the structures of the brain and how each section controls different parts of the body.

Happy Reading.


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