Connectivism Reflection

I have learned a whole lot from online line learning I have not only learned how to balance my time but I have also learned how to choose my battles and select learning styles which is conducive and appropriated for my need. The future of higher education has increased to online learning as colleges and university students realizing how much time they could have for their families and friends when they choose to learn at their own pace.

I am an advocate for technology and using the latest to keep current. I find that having a laptop with the latest software assist me greatly with my studies as I am able to browse and search sites in detail which enables me to stay current and keep up with my class and schedules.

If there is ever I situation where I cannot move on because of lack of information I usually research, and ask questions from persons who I believe has more knowledge of the content. This enables me to find out what I was lacking and build on the current information I have.

Connectivism describes learning as an informal opportunity that transforms individuals into ‘nodes’ themselves, equally capable of sharing their knowledge and expertise with other individuals (Sangra & Wheeler, 2013). We are in a global world where everything and everyone is connected through work, school or social networks. In my personal learning I support the tenets of connectivism; as in my professional life I interact with technology and the latest gadgets on a daily basis at the same time I am using the information gathered in my online learning to create a more comfortable learning environment for my students by sharing and linking what I learned from both avenues. Looking back at my connectivsm mind map I created earlier this week I realize that my life involves a lot of the same technology to communicate, which made me realize how everything I do is connected.



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