Fitting the pieces Together

My first theory was to view myself as a mixture of both conventional and unconventional learner being able to function both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Gredler, M. (2009).states that, ‘learners construct their own meanings for themselves and from the contexts in which they live.’ (p.2) I have never placed much thought into how I learn until I did this course, after working all the different learning theories I have come to realization that I learn best with hands on activities. Being a part of the online classroom I have learned so much from my classmates and lecturer. Each week we complete research on different ways we can learn and impart lessons using a variety of technology.

We are in the twenty first century therefore we need to adapt to this new innovative way oflearning. This means that we need to make the most of the technological capabilities thatallow information and communication to be distributed. I have learned that we can learn in avariety of ways and the different people learn differently and can be one or on the multiple intelligences spectrum. As teachers we need to find the learning style that we are comfortable with and stick with it. I learn best through interaction I discovered this through interactionwith the blogs and discussion boards.

“Distance education is planned learning that normally occurs in a different place from teaching and as a result requires special techniques of course design, special instructional techniques, special methods of communication by electronic and other technology, as well as special organizational and administrative arrangements”. Technology plays a vital role in my learning, as a distance learner I rely on technology to participate in my lesson, I have recently been introduce to blogs and RSS feeds, I  rely on google to find most of my information and I find that some of the information though not all can be quite credible.


Reference retrieved December 7, 2013

Semple, A. (2000). Learning theories and their influence on the development and use of educational technologies. Australian Science Teachers Journal, 46(3).



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