Learning from a Project “ Post-mortem”

What processes, project artifacts, or activities did you include in the project that contributed to its success?

 A project is defined when the project manager knows the project’s needs, strategies, objectives and limitations. Portny, S. E et.al (2008) My friends and I started a project of making bead jewelry. Before starting the project, we purchased some books that teach the basic steps for making different types of beaded jewelry. Each of us had the task to read one of the books about how to make a particular type of beaded jewelry. After reading the books we met as a team and share the information that we had learned about each type of jewelry. We were eager to start the project. Since the project was initially my idea, I went ahead and purchase the materials that were needed for the projects. The other team members agreed to purchase the tools needed to make the type of beaded jewelry that they each researched.

What processes, project artifacts, or activities did you not include in the project that might have made the project more successful?

According to Portny, S. E et.al (2008) “Managers come to know which people they can count on to honor their promises and commitments.” This project would have been more successful if we had set a common deadline for all of us to make our first set of jewelry. Instead each person set their personal deadline.   The goal to launch our business in three months was not met because some persons set their deadline to three months, while to this date some persons are still working on theirs.  As the group leader I am now aware of which of my teammates I can depend on to get the job done.


Portny, S. E., Mantel, S. J., Meredith, J. R., Shafer, S. M., Sutton, M. M., & Kramer, B. E.

(2008). Project management: Planning, scheduling, and controlling projects. Hoboken,

NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc


One thought on “Learning from a Project “ Post-mortem”

  1. eeebeez says:

    Hi Donnett, This sounds like it was a great experience, reading your post the first question that came to mind for me is, were there roles assigned? Although you seem to have been the brains of the operation, was there one person assigned to the role as a project manager or did every one assume some responsibility of the role?

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