Promoting Collaborative Learning

Working together can be challenging in a face to face setting as no two persons think alike and their way of doing things might not be the same. In an online setting it is left to the discretion  for the student to participate, as well as much they participate and collaborate. “Making Distance Learning Collaborative requires a means of study and an environment for study that lets a group of students formulate a shared goal for their learning process.” John Wiley & Sons Inc. 2006

Respond to the following:

Online discussions according to John Wiley & Sons Inc. 2006 is an essential part of many different learning groups. It include debating and brainstorming with different individuals, as online discussions are not as  fast as face to face conversations, it therefore needs lots of collaboration.  What are the challenges as it relates to collaborating in an online setting? If you had to make changes in a discussion to create more corroboration, What would that be?

You are required to by Sunday;

  • ask a question
  • elaborate on a point raised
  • Offer a suggestion from your personal point of view to this blog.



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